Barb Simpson

“Forty years! I started my life “after high school” being the traditional wife and mother. At that time it truly was my goal. I loved every minute of it. Oh, wait, maybe the teen years weren’t the best but we survived (the kids and us). I also was involved with the various activities that go along with parenthood. I was a Brownie/Girl Scout leader, PTA member, band booster, soft ball coach, etc. We camped and traveled and still do, with and without the kids and grandkids. I’ve always been a gardener, reader and bird watcher. I’ve been on the Z-B Public Library board for 12 years. And now I’m also interested in painting, particularly watercolors. As for advice, I think taking advantage of all of life’s possibilities and challenges would be one. And someone once told me, “Don’t wait until you retire to enjoy traveling.” I think that is true advice. But there are some things that you have no control over, like being born lucky. I have been blessed that way….I married Al!”