Renate Richert

After high school graduation, I worked at the Zion-Benton News for several more years. Gene Craig and I got engaged July 1, 1965, and married October 2, 1965. Upon return from our honeymoon, Gene found his "I Want YOU" notice in the mailbox, so he left for the US Army boot camp on December 6. How nice it was of Uncle Sam to give him orders for Germany so that I could revisit my homeland after having left at age 7. When we returned from Germany in 1967, I worked part-time for the Z-B News and part-time for WZBN radio station. On January 29, 1973, I became receptionist and secretary to the Administrator of Waukegan Christian School, then located in Waukegan and later moving to Zion. After 12-1/2 years there, I took a job at Abbott Laboratories as a department secretary supporting about 30 people. After a few years, I became secretary (or administrative assistant) to the Director of our area, who was responsi-ble for about 250 people. I stayed within that same department for 9 years before becoming part of the Abbott Temp Pool. This meant that I would fill in for other admins who were on vacation, sick leave, or out for any other reason. It afforded me the opportunity to work in several of Abbott's locations. I wanted more flexibility of hours and this was a great way to accomplish that; I stayed in that department for 8 years be-fore retiring in December of 2002. Now I'm home and have taken up water aerobics. I still do lots of crafts and have recently become a Creative Memories consultant. There are hundreds of pictures that I plan to organize into appealing albums, and I hope to help my friends accomplish that goal in their lives as well. For our 25th wedding anniversary, Gene and I had hoped to go to Hawaii. That would have been in 1990; it took us until 2002 to get it done! We had a wonderful 2-week trip that covered the four main islands -- it really is as gorgeous as everyone says it is!! Our pictures are making a wonderful first album for me to create. At least once a year we travel to Branson, Missouri, to take in the many wonderful shows that are family oriented. All shows there have a spiritual and/or patriotic emphasis, and it is refreshing to see them! Pictures from those trips are going to be my next album project.