Penny Richardson

“Hi! I guess I could say I have come full circle as far as my living arrangements go. My husband and I are now living back in Zion, in the house I have owned since 1970. My husband David has retired and we decided to scale back, so we moved back to Zion. We have a motor home and plan to do lots of travel-ing. We were able to see lots of places in the world when he worked for Bechtel. For a little ole Harbor girl, this was very exciting! I am so grateful to have had all the wonderful experiences. God sure has created some beautiful sites and wonderful people! My husband says I have to keep working for at least another year. I am still driving the school bus…22 years! There used to be a few teachers around that were there when we were in school, but not anymore! I will be on a real high at the reunion. We will just be returning from a trip to Disney World with the grandkids! Life is good and God is great! Looking for-ward to seeing everyone at the reunion!”