Marianne Pushee

Most recently, “Worked – had our own small business for a while, then Crane Carrier, then Memorex Telex. My division closed and I’m not working now. Gene is a supervisor at American Airlines. He has been with American for 24 years. Dawn (35) is a working supervisor for a medical group in the patient accounts dept. She lives in Tulsa. Andrea (18) just started college. She is going to 2 schools; Tulsa Community College for her basics and Tulsa Technology Center for computers. She hopes to finish out her last 2 years at Northeastern State Univ. She wants to be a computer wiz like her dad. He has a small home-based computer business called . His love is web design but he also does it all – trouble shoot, build, repair, upgrade & web sites, etc. We like to call him Genius Gene. Andrea’s plans are to someday own her own Web Design business. Andrea also has a beautiful voice. She is a member of our church’s Youth Praise & Worship team & also a soloist. But the most important part of my life is that Gene, Dawn, Andrea and I love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.”