Susan Lisanti

"Yikes, has it already been another 10 years? It’s hard to believe how fast the time goes as we get older!!! Well, since the last reunion I've gotten braces on my teeth (and gotten them off!), having been inspired by someone at the last reunion and something I had always wanted to do. And I moved, finally got a real house; the previous one was about the size of a closet. While others are "down-sizing", I've gotten a larger house! I'm putting in a sort of combination English garden/cottage garden in the back yard, complete with a pergola, arches with vines, water feature, etc. Love collecting antiques. My mother sold her house and moved in with me a couple of years ago. She is 85, in good health, and looks terrific! My two beautiful daughters are another 10 years older, also. Kristin will be 37 in December. She is mar-ried to Phil Kaplan, they live in Glenview and she is a legal secretary. Kimberly is 33. She is an account-ant at Abbott Labs; she has her CPA and MBA. She and Lou have purchased a house in Prospect Heights. I still have a Schnauzer; Samantha is 8. Over the last four years I've taken in several feral kit-tens, keeping some. There are an awful lot of homeless animals out there. Oh, and advice? Mine is....Don't give up! Sometimes life saves the best for last!!!"