Roy Johnson

"Rather than talk about myself, I'd like to take this opportunity to draw my classmates' attention to the current crisis in government spending, Specifically, social security and Medicare are essentially bankrupt. There is no money in trust funds. There are only government IOU's which are meant to cover future expenses. Eventually the future obligations will have to be covered by the general fund or by reducing and limiting benefits. Both systems are using current payments to meet current obligations with only a small amount in excess to be set aside (in the form of IOU's) for future obligations. The problem will be exacerbated with the retirement of the baby boom generation. Retirees will then outnumber workers paying into the system. It is a ponzi scheme, which is dependant on the ignorance of individual citizens to sustain itself. Additionally, the current President and Congress want to create another giant, government give away program for prescription drugs. Please say no to irresponsible government spending. Stop mortgaging your children and grandchildren's future. Thank you for considering what I have had to say. I hope that all of you are well, and that you have led lives that were satisfying, meaningful, and fulfilling. Please accept my best wishes for future happiness, health, and success." /s/ Roy Courtney Johnson