Don Hill

“In September of 1963 I started commuting to Carthage College in Kenosha. I graduated in June of 1968 with a BA major in history and social science. However, my student deferment from the military was also over so that September I was drafted into the Army. While in training I enlisted for one more year as a hedge against being in the infantry. The enlistment officer said I had good scores in the supply field. I asked if there were people in supply stationed at Ft. Sheridan. He said “of course”. My three years in the Army were ½ year Ft. Lee, VA; one year Viet Nam; 1½ years Germany. While in Germany I had the op-portunity to do a lot of site-seeing. In Sept. 1971 I was discharged and in March 1972 I started working for AAA Chicago Motor Club and am still working there.”