Kyoko Hayashi

"Hello. It's been so long (but seems short) since the high school. Ten years ago, my daughter and I've been to Zion which is my second home. It was my last visit to the States and my American mother passed away 4 years ago. My American sister Arlene Burgess Miskelly and her husband visited us 3 years ago and their son had been in Japan as an officer of American Navy. We love both countries, and thank for the exchange student program. As to myself, I started my acupuncture office when I was 50 years old. (In fact, I started the study when I was 38 years old) I enjoy acupuncture everyday. My family is a husband and two daughters (now with us) and a son. I am very sorry that I could not attend the reunion which sound great fun, and I am sorry, too, this mail is so late responding. I could not open the homepage, and I happened to open this time luckily! From now on, I am very happy if I could start mailing by PC. I have none of classmates to correspond maybe because of my not answering soon to their letters (which is aw-ful). If you can, could you send address and PC address? I really appreciate all the organization and set-up for the reunion. I wish I could see you all sometime."