Sandy Dickson

“How does one capsulize 40 years? The first 2 decades for me was spent living in California, working in the movie industry and also traveling a bit, living in a few different countries, Those 20 years included some modeling and also being in a traveling singing group, so it was really fun. Then I moved to Nashville, TN, where I spent 16 years, and ran an electrolysis practice—a skill I acquired for my intended move from California, where I knew there would be no movie industry, and felt it necessary to learn some sort of profession that could be used any where. I chose Nashville because I have also always written songs since high school and I wanted to see if I could do something with them other than cramming them into notebooks. I still drive down there about every 6-8 weeks and work with people down there, but I moved up to Zion again in October 1999, to be better able to serve my Dad in his later years, and also enjoy him. (My mom passed away before I could get up here.) I continue to write in several different arenas, songs, poetry, fiction and children’s. I have a book out now, entitled “Kindred Threads-Loving Relationships” which is orderable in bookstores or through and . Why shucks, maybe I will even have another one out by the time the reunion rolls in. My advice is to keep aware that life and time are fragile and fleeting, so not only live them to their fullest, but keep in mind that others need to be told how important they are to the teller. Let people are around you know you love them and don’t count on them ‘just knowing’ that without hearing it. They need to hear it because only then does it have the full meaning and too often people wait until it’s too late, then spend the rest of their lives regret-ting things they didn’t say.“