Susan Cvengros

"I went to Northern Illinois University in DeKalb for one year. I also took several classes at Kendall Col-lege in Evanston. I married Terry Patterson (Waukegan Class of 1962) in 1966. He was killed in Viet Nam in March of 1967. I married again for 10 years and I have two great children. Craig is 24 and Lainie is 22. Both are still single. I have worked several places since 1963 but spent but spent 9 years at Waukegan Housing Authority as a Housing Manager and now work for the City of Waukegan. I have been at the City for 11 years and most recently (the last 3 years) am in the Community Development Block Grant Program as a Financial Coordinator. All in all life has been good and I feel blessed to have my health and a great family."