Brenda Curry

“We moved several times during our married life. We got married in March of 1964. I have mostly been in retail management (convenience stores, dollar store, departmental – Wal-Mart, clothing retail). Then we bought a tractor & trailer and got our own authority to operate the semi on the highways of all 48 con-tiguous states. We covered all of the states. My husband and I team drove for about three years. We still have the truck, but now I drive for another company. At the present I run three round trips to Dallas, TX, a week. My husband drives our truck and mainly goes west to Arizona and on to California. As for advice, all I can say is appreciate each day you have and count the blessings you have. Enjoy your family and stay as close to them as possible. Plan ahead and achieve your goals, but don’t forget to enjoy the love of your family.” Brenda and her husband Elvis have three children, Jeanette Butler, Elvis O’Neal, and Patrick LaRay. They have four grandchildren, Brittany Nicol 14; Justin O’Neal 11; Cory Brandon 9; and Meagan Murphy 3.